Amateur Radio: Outstanding in the Field
Shirts: 8, Skins: 1, Sense of humor: 10

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Some of members of the Runestone Amateur Radio Club participating in the 2007 Field Day are (l - r) Rick Lukanen, KC0UTN; John Ross, W0JAR; Wayne Johanson, WA0EBZ; Ray Heckmaster, KB0SVN; George Schouweiler, N0RCL; Wayne Stevens, KD0AAA; Andy Ring, KC0SAL; Roger, WA00275SWL (short wave listener); Brian Schwartz, W0BTS; Bill Klundt, KG0DX; and Mike Wisniewski, KC0TAF.
George and Andy sort and store the equipment while others unhook the generator and bring down antennas.
Just enjoying each other's of the things which make ham radio a fun, interesting and helpful hobby. Ask Wayne, Wayne and Nancy.