Burtrum, MN
Honoring those who served...Burtrum's Memorial Day Service
They trickle in slowly at first, looking for a grave site, reading the etching on a tombstone, placing flowers on a grave and taking time to remember a father or mother, a friend.
They stop to talk with old friends about times past.
Surrounded by the past they move slowly towards the reality of the moment, enjoying the presence of others while observing the solemnity of the occasion in nature's cathedral.
Colors are introduced, "America" is played.
For but a moment, Flander's Field lives.
The choir sings.
The minister seeks to inspire.
Hearing but not always listening, attentive because  we all know that in the end....
after the final salute...
after the final note of taps...
It's all about saying...
"Thanks, Dad."