Burtrum Community honors America's Freedom Fighters
    With veterans dating back to the Civil War in Burtrum's Moses Dane Cemetary, honoring the people who fought for our freedom is the least that can be done. The tradtional parade has been a stalwart of the celebration since the time  of "Decoration Day." The name, "Decoration Day," came from the practice of women decorating the graves of soldiers following the Civil War. It was observed on May 30 until Congress changed it to a Memorial Day celebration on the last Monday of the month of May.
Following the parade which was attended by several hundred people, the observance moved to Moses Dane Cemetery. One of the traditions which has disappeared is the march out to the cemetery. Many will remember when the horses and rider led the marching band followed by many of the crowd out to the gravesites. A few might remember when the Burtrum Town Band led the parade. Now the Long Prairie/Grey Eagle Jr. High Marching Band plays (and we are grateful for their presence) in the parade and out at the cemetery.
Burtrum Memorial Day
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