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Theme of the graduation exercises was "It isn't important  to decide what you want to become...It is much more important to decide on the way you want to live..." Golda Meir - 1971
The Class of 2000 from Swanville's Area Learning Center are (front row, l - r) Chris Agresto, Bridget Butler, Saul Navarette, Juan Jose Ornelas, Juventina Ornelas, Anabel Orozco, Noah Wojahn. (Back row, l -r ) Charlie Reichert, Consulting Coordinator, Osar Orozco, Georgina Perez, Ruben Orozco, Justin VanScoik, Brenda Rahn, Emily Waugh, Jesse Witucki and Swanvill School Superintendent, Gene Harthan. Graduating but not pictured are Daniel Pennington, Jason Berndt and Joshua Seelen.
Swanville's School's Superintendent, Gene Harthan, congratulates Molly Springs ALC Class of 2000 Valedictorian, Noah Wojahn, on his graduation.
Largest class graduates from Molly  Springs ALC
Vision transformed into reality Sunday, June 5, for 17 young adults from seven area communities. The seventeen graduated from District 486's Molly Springs ALC in Swanville. The class of 2000, a unique blend of adult and high school senior, was the largest in Molly Springs six year history. According to Charlie Reichert, Consulting Coordinator of Alternative Education, the continued success of the program stems from a goal of the Strategic Plan implemented by the Swanville School Board
A student from Little Falls, Noah Wojahn, earned top honors as Class Valedictorian, State Representative, Mary Ellen Otremba, acknowledged the hurdles each student had overcome to achieve their diploma and urged them to use the same resolve tom meet life's challenges.