Bob and Fran's celebrates 25 years serving Swanville
by Jim Molkenthin
    It was a small, not well lit grocery store when Bob and Fran Koetter took over the grocery store in Swanville and change started happening. It immediately went from a "maybe" store..."maybe I can get you this or maybe I can't" to a "can do" store. The store became bigger and brighter, the selection greater and the prices competitive. In fact, part of the fun of shopping at Bob and Fran's is finding the little surprise sales...like a candy bar brand you had never heard of at a ridiculously low price or an open box with a felt marker sign saying, "free, take one." If they didn't have something you needed, they got it.
    The help? They've put up with my sense of humor for years, what more can I say but "thanks."
    Saving the best for last; the "Swanville Flyer." Starting in the early 80s, Bob combined store ads, community ads, jokes, and community news and called it the "Swanville Flyer." And it worked! Not only did it bring in customers but it has been a tremendous service to the community. Of course, a few but often very amusing typos helped create interest. Add it all up and it comes out to be a darn good grocery store for 25 years. "Thanks" Bob and Fran.
Bob Koetter