It was a hamfest not a hog roast
    The St. Cloud Radio Club held their annual Hamfest on the 13th of August at the National Guard Armory in St. Cloud. Mike, a rural Grey Eagle resident, takes admission at the gate (above) as Jerry, another Grey Eagle resident, walks in to the flea market.
    What is a hamfest? Think of it as a convention for amateur (ham) radio operators.
    What is amateur (ham) radio? Marconi, the inventor of radio, was the first amateur radio enthusiast. He invented radio, not because it was job but because electricity was his hobby...his passion. And there have been amateur radio operators ever since. There is one big difference, Marconi didn't need a license but todays ham radio operators have to take and pass a technical test before they are awarded a license to operate. Once they have their license it literally opens up the whole world to communicate with using radio, television, satellites, the internet and computers. For more on the subject go to www.arrl.org.