Ham Supper...Not What You Think!
Once the test is passed and call letters assigned, amateur radio operators (hams) may operate a wide range of modes, frequencies and equipment. A ham may have his own television station. A ham may talk to people around the globe. They may talk to each other using Morse Code. They might do as Jerry Folta, WT0U, Grey Eagle (left) and Wayne Johanson Osakis (middle), WA0EBZ have done...talk to people through orbiting satelites. Coming through the door is Brian Schwartz, W0BTS, from Alexandria who talks to local hams every evening as he goes to work. The world of amateur radio indeed covered the whole world of personalities from countrywestern singers to politicians to students to talk show hosts to teachers and preachers, moms and pops, kids and cousins. There have even been kings who were hams.
Pictured above from left to right are: Bruce Halvorson, KI0M, Sauk Centre; Norm Priebe, W7ISD, Garfield; George Schouweiler, N0RCL, Alexandria; Jeanette Priebe, wife of W7ISD, Garfield; Danita Wisniewski, wife of KC0TAF, Mike, of Grey Eagle.