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The Wooly Bears start their journey
by Jim Molkenthin

During the past week, the wooly (or is it woolly) bears started their annual trip across the highways...a sure sign summer is winding down. It's been a great summer here in Central Minnesota. The rains have been well timed although we are below average for the year if pond and lake levels are any indicator. Crop and gardens appear to be in great shape. With school starting in a few days, the fall gardening season is upon us.
Share the secrets of your bounty here. Send in pictures of your garden or it's products whether they be veggies, flowers or fruits. Do you have some techniques you've developed over the years to cope with pests such as raccoons, rabbits, groundhogs, gophers, slugs, insects, weeds or even kids? Share your secrets here. Have a tip on growing tomatoes? Send a letter or email and let others know.
The internet gives users access to the world's largest store of information...so much information makes it easy to spend hours looking for the appropriate inrmation. Even using search engines doesn't always simplify the problem, especially when it tells you that there are a million or so sites to look at. With your help, perhaps we can narrow the search. Have favorite web sites for gardening, landscaping, home maintainance? Pass them on to us and we'll post them on this page. In the meantime here are few to get you started.
Planted last fall, this beauty adds color to my garden.
One of the top sources for garden information on the web. A library, a horticultural dictionary, newsletters, courses and expert advice available here.
They sell over 20,000 garden products but they're much more...design your own garden, get advice, find information and much more
You've seen her on WCCO-TV, first as their weatherwoman and now with her own show, Rebecca's Garden. Everything from planting tips to recipes and decorating found here.
Encyclopedia, common sense discuassions, e-newsletter, how-to resources.
The website of a Minnesota Master Gardener. Good information.
Need an answer to your yard and garden problem. Try this site.
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